Local Store Marketing: “Be” The News!
Who knows the most about what's happening in your store? You! It's your duty to make news stories about your business. Don't let others do this for you. Being proactive with the local papers to get news coverage for your business is an effective way to get third-party endorsement. Many of the editors - particularly, the beat reporters are always looking for stories of news about local companies. It's your job to get them. Offering them regular updates and details about your store creates a bond which they will enjoy. Positive relationships with the media not only keep you in the spotlight with newspaper writers and the community, but also creates bonds in the event that you have to deal with any negative incident that could affect your store at some point in the near future. Make contact with the editors of your local paper beat writers, DJs, beat writers and newscasters. So that you can keep them informed of news stories about employee promotions, new product or service launch, and other important newsworthy details about your business. While this won't result in immediate sales but it will decrease your ad costs. Establishing a positive, proactive relation with the local press can increase the likelihood that they will run stories about your store , at no costs to the store. This type of information is well-received by the public and keeps your store visible to the community. For every mention that you receive in the local press, it's one less advertisement to be made. Make sure you create one news item every quarter, at a minimum, that you can distribute to all media. These news items could include announcements about a new product or service launch - or it can be a shorter news story that includes a store manager's announcement. watch movies online slot online soccer news Make your Media Contacts List Make Your Contacts List for Media:Identify all of the smaller weekly and daily papers that service your 3-mile trade area, as local magazines, radio stations, and TV stations. It is a good idea to go to each newspaper and introduce your business and yourself to them for future reference. Bring a free sample and details about your brand along with your contact information and the location of your store. Establishing a rapport ahead of a need is a great method of staying in the know with local media. This can assist you by bringing positive information into the newspaper and possibly avoiding negative news being printed in the event that it happens to occur. Help Your Employees Become Star-WorthyOur employees are often raised in the same communities as the ones in which they work. As they begin to progress in their careers, the recognition of peers is more valuable than financial gains. If an employee was recently elevated at your workplace So why not make it clear this advancement to the community with a brief press release? The employee is able to feel admired and their family is proud and your business is revered in the local community for "promoting the best of them." It is a pretty simple method of achieving goals across a variety of fronts. Celebration Mile posts: When is your ? You may have thought about that for a bit before adding the years since you've been operating. Imagine how difficult it will be for anyone else to determine how long you've been operating for. It is entirely on you to remind your clients of the most important mileposts within your business. These mileposts can add credibility to your establishment through the blurb of "we remain in business"" Be a good community citizens: Pick a charity and host events to create awareness and/or funds for that local charity in your company and advertise this in the media. The media is often the mouthpiece for the community and they love nothing more than a "feel good" report on an event that benefits local charities at an establishment. Make a photo-op for your business to jump start the cause and then at the end of the event, pay a check to the charity. The charity wins while your business receives more customers and the media is able to counter the negative stories that they usually release. Create A "Call-to-Action": Every person likes a bargain and a news piece that includes a promotion for your store - especially when it's a charity or mile-post - will draw attention from local media. Be concise in your message and refrain from being "advertising-like" instead create more of a public service announcement for greater outcomes. Media outlets may notice your announcement even if it's a slow news day as a means of "filling content". The more credibility you build with the media in advance more likely is your material being printed. It's surprising how few small businesses spend the time to build media relationships. The media is constantly seeking out news and having a reliable pipeline of news sources can make their work easier. It usually is the squeaky wheel which produces the oil. A constant stream of information coming from your business will establish this pipeline for the media. John Matthews is the founder and president of Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc. is a strategic planning and marketing service firm that is specialized in helping businesses expand in the restaurant, general retail and convenience industries. More than twenty years' senior-level experience in retail, and as a presenter at various retail-related events across in the U.S., Matthews has recently written two step-by step manuals Local Store Marketing Handbook for Retailers and Grand Opening Handbook for Retailers

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