Are You Too Good-Looking to Be Clever?
It's likely that we may have personal connections with someone, or have seen them either in magazines or on television and thought that they've achieved success solely because of their appearance. It may be unfair, but people who are exceptionally good-looking, slim, young and flirtatious, can be viewed as having an edge over ordinary people like the rest of us! Sometimes, biases are unconscious. Children who look attractive and attractive to the eyeand cause the body to feel more positive in the people they meet . And so, can grow as adults enjoying the unbridled love and acceptance of all shortcomings or bad behavior. This kind of treatment will significantly improve their confidence levels and may even cause the person to feel invincible or invincible to negative influences and even without realizing that they are doing it. People who are less physically fortunate will notice this favoritism and regard them as having an unfair advantage, a disadvantage that nobody does any effort to correct. A "us and them" attitude can begin with the development of a jealous and resentful view of their favored acquaintances. Today, beautiful looks are becoming more and more admired. The images of young/pretty/blonde/slim/glamorous lifestyles are constantly fed to us on social media, until eventually someone says 'enough' or 'what about the rest', and you then see an influx of larger/older/gray-haired people taking their place for a time. For all that, those individuals could be a huge target market too. Visit:- What is the downside of being one of the "attractive ones"? Do you think there is such a thing? Certainly, as someone who's not attractive, slim or young I'm aware that my picture does not get as much attention as the ones of my friends who meet these criteria and I don't even have to initiate the photo-call. For me, I look at it as entertaining rather than irritating and realize that these 'beauties' have been working hard to look beautiful. The problem with them is that good-looking people tend to be viewed as having an advantage, who've perhaps only had success because of their appearance instead of through effort, sweat or level of skill. Is it fair when pretty people are thought of as too attractive to be intelligent? - There's a perception that you don't have to put in as much effort if you look good and, yes, you might receive a pass due to of your physical appearance However, the real way to succeed is through knowledge, competency and valuable expertise, and lots of effort. When we employ someone we trust that they are skilled and able to work for us. A good appearance can help them stand out, but they've still got to deliver the goods. It is important to recognize that Bias can go either way in either direction, whether it's for or against beauty, because different cultures and social groups have their own standards of what they regard as attractive. If you've experienced an affluent childhood, it may be essential to break away from being constantly celebrated and admired for the way they appear. Living as a 'beauty' may mean that they want to be treated in a particular way. If that stops happening it can be difficult to accept. The most important lesson in life is the development of 'antibodies which protect us not only from infection and germs, but also from negativity. The antibodies that form as a consequence of bullying or unpleasant experiences teach us about getting stronger skin and a more resilient outlook. Should we have been the "golden child' we may be missing out on the important life lesson. Resilience helps us overcome the rejection in the form of unfairness, injustice and difficult beatings. The idea that others will assume that you've been favoured because of your appearance and treat you like you've never achieved anything through hard work, skills and talents, having them think that you've got an advantage because of the way you appear is insulting and rude. Your looks may be attracting attention your in the same way as the child with a high net worth who could have received extra tuition or a better school, but the final test is what you can achieve with your own efforts and input. Everyone has a talent or a trait that distinguish them from others. Some have innate artistic talent, and are particularly athletic, tall, adept in cooking, and adept at learning new languages and technology. We accept that we're not all born alike and value the differences, while striving to improve on our personal strengths and negative points. Making the most of what we've got is the only way to a healthier, less stressed life. Also, do not forget, a massive downside to constantly looking good is that it takes lots of time, money, and effort to be committed in maintaining your appearance. The discipline required to lead an active lifestyle, eat well, use the right aesthetic treatments and remain modern isn't easy and requires a constant commitment. Some people are not able to keep up that effort. There are a variety of ways individuals may be discriminated against. It could be due to gender or age, race, health, ethnicity, and all of which we can do little about. It is inevitable to encounter those who will be ready to point out reasons for their own lack of success while silently criticising others. Everybody has obstacles to conquer and we must choose to make use of those obstacles to inspire us and prove to the critics that we're coming through no matter what they claim! Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor and writer who also contributes to media. She can assist with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness and confidence. She works with clients individually as well as couples. She also offers corporate workshops and support. She's author of 3 books, 'Dealing with Stress and managing its impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday' and 'Dealing with Death, Coping with pain'. All available published on Amazon and featuring easy to understand sections, helpful tips and ideas to help you be more optimistic about your life.

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