Philosophic-Historical Truths Confer Juventus Winner of 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League
The volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 2010 were natural phenomena that have been a major influence on man's life in recent years. The Eyjafjallajokul as it's known unleashed ashes into the sky of Europe on the 14th of April. This eruption caused a massive interruption in flights that came into and out of Europe and resulted in the closing of numerous airports. Reports indicate that thousands of flights were canceled which left millions stranded around the globe. The eruption of the volcano made the latter the target with the aim to wear them out and give an advantage for the home team. With the tense football schedule, the opening match was scheduled in Italy. The match had to proceed as planned. Due to time constraints, the visitors had no choice but to travel by road to Milan. It was a long and difficult trip for the team that was traveling and had negative psychological effects such as fatigue. This resulted in Barcelona was defeated and was eliminated from the tournament. Eyjafjallajokul was primarily triggered by historical reasons. The cause of the eruptions, however, was philosophical. The historical factor behind the event was clarified in the article The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League. The philosophical component was fully explained in my book The Philosophy of the Cosmos. According to The Philosophy of the Cosmos The origins of the universe began when the incorporeal entities known as abstracts infused their energy into some stuff of the material universe. The abstracts include air, soul, and spirit. The things that are created are cosmic bodies, plants, animals and man. They are real. There is also the material which includes mountains, rocks etc. The cosmos can be classified as abstract, real, and the material. These abstracts that caused the evolution and its objects continue to exist in them. For more detail please visit>>> regały magazynowe Cloud Private In The Philosophy of the UEFA Champions League, those abstracts that still form part of the universe developed in man, particular characteristics or traits resulting from specific conditions during the past. For instance, the people of Ijebu Ode acquired the traits of intelligence, organization and commercial enterprise owing to the centuries of negotiating with non-military options to ensure their survival. These characteristics of intelligence are durable and permanent, even if people do not take part in the same activities that gave them the characteristics. The point where the actions lead to these traits is called the metaphysic. The traits begin to flow naturally and continue the generational transfer process that these activities too, went through. The European Cup's decades-long existence is an example of the Ijebu Ode's struggle for survival using nonmilitary alternatives. The UEFA Champions League represents the eternal, irreversible time in which the Ijebu Ode have cultivated intelligence and organizational abilities and organizational skills, the UEFA Champions League is a fixed, permanent and irreversible time. The launch of the UEFA Champions League in 1992 is the metaphysical climax in the European Cup era of 1956 to 1992. In the UEFA Champions League the metaphysic formed is based on the historical antecedents of the participating clubs and leagues. It is based on the precedent of history. This rule first started to take shape in 2000 , when La liga leveled Serie A and Premier League for its 9th European silverware. In 2002, La liga won its 10th European cup. From that year till date, neither have Serie A moved ahead of La liga nor did Premier League jump ahead of Serie A. This was exactly the reason for the reason Eyjafjallajokul dispersed its ashes in European airspace in the year 2010. Real Madrid was the first team to be awarded the European Cup in 1956. The trophy was won consecutively for five years. No other club in European football has achieved something like this. FC Barcelona won the trophy once during the European Cup era. FC Barcelona was not as successful as teams such as Bayern Munich and Liverpool that achieved trebles during the European Cup. In 2009, FC Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League. The club won all of the prizes it was competing for within a period of six months. So, in 2010, Guardiola's squad embarked on the mission of becoming the first club side to retain the trophy. That was the intention of Barcelona and caused Eyjafjallajokul's to fly into the dust. Eyjafjallajokul was caused by the message that underlies the principle of precedence which in Barcelona means Ye Cannot Be Today the things that you have not been In the Past. This is significant because it indicates that Barcelona is not able to provide the pedigree required for the defense of the trophy. That only Real Madrid possessed such pedigree. Madrid is the only European country to have such a pedigree. Hence, the eruption of the volcano. Real Madrid tried and failed to do the level of success that Barcelona did from 2010 to 2012. This is the similar to what Barcelona attempted but did not succeed in from 2012 until 2016. Barcelona encountered obstacles not in Inter Milan and Chelsea who were simply the tools of execution but Real Madrid. That Barcelona was unable to overcome their collective failures with their managerial acumen teamwork, their exceptional abilities all at their best as Real Madrid, at the final stage of its trip, was able to fend off all its knockout stage opponents using an extremely consistent run of fortunes never enjoyed by any other club in history. The complete story: the woes of Barcelona and the triumph of Madrid were planned and concocted. The 2018 win of Real Madrid was due to an unfathomable match outcome: 3-0 defeat of Barcelona in Rome. AS Roma's exclusion of FC Barcelona from the 2017/2018 Champions League prevented a clash with Real Madrid, which could result in a nearly certainty of defeat for the eventual champions. This elimination by Roma also has far greater implications for Barcelona in the near future. The Rome loss meant Liverpool escaped a possible meeting with Barcelona. The resurgence and appearance of Liverpool in the semi-finals is an unsettling development for Barcelona. Since, on a head to the head basis, Liverpool won the last contest in season 2006/2007's first series of knockout matches, so, Barcelona would have had an opportunity to play in the semifinals with Liverpool with her advantage. The Roma victory and the growth of Liverpool have revealed the reality that the issues Barcelona faced between 2010 and 2012, and which permitted the Eyjafjallajokul advantage for Inter Milan, are about be re-enforced to them. Barcelona and Liverpool have five European titles each. The trio, along with Bayern Munich, is responsible for three of the five European championships that the best teams have won in European football. Liverpool and Bayern Munich won trebles from their European Cup quintuple. Both teams enjoyed golden eras of club football that predate Barcelona's. The English and German clubs have a history that Barcelona doesn't possess and cannot boast about. Real Madrid, too, was in a golden age at its inception that preceded all other clubs. Barcelona's lack of success within Europe between 2009 and 2012 was due to the preeminence of Real Madrid's golden age. Madrid did so from 2014 to 2018. Barcelona will soon face the same situation as 2010 when Eyjafjallajokul unleashed himself upon Europe in 2010, with Bayern Munich and Liverpool in the hunt for European glory. Barcelona's problems in Europe is mostly with Liverpool and Bayern Munich. These are the obstacles to Barcelona's progress in Europe. Barcelona will be a step behind Bayern Munich and Liverpool in the race to win Europe's sixth title due to the rule of precedence at the club level. However, at the level of leagues, Serie A and Premier League are currently tied with 12 European silverwares each, which means Juventus is the first team to win European glory, to be then followed by Liverpool later on. Despite being in a position to beat Liverpool, Juventus faces formidable opposition from the current champions. But, this threat has been eliminated thanks to the signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo's experience is a great illustration of how human beings can in a unique situation and through sustained activity, achieve the metaphysic required for extraordinary accomplishments. Ronaldo took on the challenge in the wake of the Messi comparison over who was the greatest athlete in the world. To this end Ronaldo travelled to Spain in the summer of 2009 to show that he is the superior player. You will recall the 40 goals he scored in his debut in the Spanish top flight. After years of intense rivalry, he would eventually acquire the skills that would become the reason for four Champions League titles under 5 years old. Ronaldo is no longer at Real Madrid. His departure has left a gap spiritually, which is the reason he charged Real Madrid’s European Cup pedigree over the past years. In the near future, he'll deploy this metaphysical force soonest at Turin where there is a solid Serie A pedigree of the European Cup which Juventus currently rides on. Ronaldo's metaphysical power as well as the historical roots of Serie A will bring the energy required for glory in 2019. It is this combination of historical and philosophical factors that will allow Juventus past its opponents in the 2018/2019 season of the Champions League. In addition to Real Madrid, the coming seasons are crucial for fans, managers, players and coaches of PSG, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City and Juventus in the UEFA Champions League. It is essential to clubs that yearn for glory in the continental arena. Metaphysics and philosophy will also be impacted by the coming years, specifically in the next three. The Champions League will be used as a test to prove that metaphysics is a global phenomenon. It exists, and it is possible to communicate with metaphysical forces; the Eyjafjallajokul, Grimsvotn and both eruptions of volcanic ash were caused and resulted from the interaction between metaphysical forces in this universe; that Barcelona was not selected as the target of their attack; and that the Champions League winners of 2011 will be Juventus, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. This will confirm the assertion that Eyjafjallajokul targeted the Catalan giants.

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